Puerto Vallarta


I had definitely heard a lot about Puerto Vallarta before my first visit, but didn’t really know many people that had visited. Much of my knowledge came from all the gossip and celebrity buzz that went on during the filming of John Huston’s movie “The Night of the Iguana”. For those of you old enough to remember – then I guess you will, for other’s – well let’s just say it was a huge scandal at the time – probably wouldn’t be a blip on anyone’s radar today though.

The filming of this movie, and the presence of Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Ava Gardner, basically put P.V. on the map.

It was just a sleepy little fishing village until these celebrities descended on it – and that changed it forever.

But why do I love it?

The location and scenery aren’t to be beat – situated on the Bay of Banderas, which is the second largest bay in North America, the city is surrounded by tropical jungle and the mountains of the Sierra Madre. The view of this from the air is truly inspiring!

Our first visit was back in 1998 so we’ve been pretty well going back yearly or every other year since then – it obviously has some attraction for us.

And even at that, there are many areas that we haven’t seen – there is that much to do there – or you can do nothing, which is probably why we haven’t seen everything.

Something that does make P.V. different from other “resort” towns or cities is that it is not that – it’s a working city, with many locals and ex-pats that are going about their daily living – not necessarily working in the tourist industry. Sure, tourism is a huge factor but unlike some areas that were specifically built to attract just a tourist base, P.V. differs in that respect.

I find that gives a totally different feel to the place, makes it more real and if that is something you are looking for then I think you should put this on your list of places to visit.